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Ground Coffee

our mission.

The San Diego Coffee Training Institute (SDCTI)'s mission is to empower and elevate vulnerable populations to self-sufficiency through the advancement of coffee. 

How We Do This

We are an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Campus offering paid courses for individuals working in the specialty/craft coffee industry who wish to become SCA Certified Baristas and Coffee Roasters, as well as various courses and one-on-one education to improve overall skills and understanding for devoted coffee enthusiasts.


SDCTI is the first SCA campus in San Diego and the only in the country that is also a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. One hundred percent of the tuition fees paid by students taking any of our offered courses are used to fund the programming costs for students from various vulnerable and at-risk populations in the San Diego area, including youth aging out of foster care, homeless adults and teens, and individuals recently released from incarceration. 


In addition to immersive coffee education and highly-regarded SCA certifications for these marginalized populations, the non-profit program also assists with job placement, through our strategic partnerships with other local community-organizations, and supplies each of these individuals with general workforce skills that help them retain employment in the coffee industry or any hospitality-related industry. 


 I learned so much about coffee, customer service and what is truly involved in running and supporting a successful coffee business.


I also came to understand the importance of consistency and method with regard to a quality product—the Barista is a key component. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in making amazing espresso and brewing coffee at home. Thank you to my amazing instructor, Savannah and to everyone at SDCTI!


— Sheryl Matney, Barista Student

 Five percent of the proceeds raised by SDCTI are donated to COFFEE KIDS, one of our nonprofit partners that provides training, mentoring, and financial support to young coffee farmers so that they can implement creative solutions to the challenges they face in the changing coffee industry.
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