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Program Scholarship Requirements and Application

Potential cohorts for the San Diego Coffee Training Institute (SDCTI) must meet certain eligibility requirements. Specifically, SDCTI seeks to place youth aging out of foster care, or “transitional aged youths”, individuals who are struggling with finding and keeping employment due to being formerly incarcerated, as well as under-employed segments of various local populations. These cohorts will be selected through an internal application process and vetted for the aptitude and willingness to participate and engage in this workforce training program by a third-party.


If accepted into this program, cohorts understand that:

  • Daily attendance is required

  • They must remain drug and alcohol free

  • They arrive on time and are prepared to stay the entire day (hours fluctuate from day to day, however, cohorts are given a schedule ahead of time and are encouraged to make necessary travel and scheduling arrangements)

  • They are willing to accept instruction and criticism from their instructors and supervisors, and that they will complete the work that is assigned with a positive attitude

  • They must have the willingness to confront any personal challenges and/ or barriers necessary to complete the program, which includes but is not limited to the development of soft skills, SCA lectures and class instruction, as well as the placement into an internship program.


Minimum eligibility requirements include that the cohort:

  • Is 18 years or older

  • Is eligible for work in the United States

  • Is currently either unemployed or underemployed

  • Is available to be in class during the hours specified on a certain day, no exceptions

  • Is curious, ready to learn, and able to complete all homework assignments

  • Is interested and eligible to work part to full time in a café/ coffee house setting

  • Has no outstanding arrest warrants

  • Has a stable housing environment for the next 6 months

  • Is drug free and sober for 120 days prior to the first day of class, and would be willing to undergo a random drug screening before or during the training

  • Is able to stand a minimum of 8 hours with two 15 minute breaks and is able to lift 50 pounds with reasonable accommodations

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