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SCA Barista Intermediate (3 days*)

$775 + $195 for Exams
Program Coursework
  • Learn how to determine desirable parameters for a given espresso blend or single-origin coffee

  • Developing a consistent technique for dialing in as well as dosing and distribution techniques to allow for consistent results on different types of equipment

  • Developing “recipes” for espresso including measuring input and output of espresso volume

  • Coffee care and philosophy for degassing and “resting” coffee for various flavor profiles and desired results

  • Introducing a wide range of café beverage recipes

  • In-depth milk science and SCA Foam Standards

  • Latte art designs (3 basics)

  • Milk sharing techniques

  • Workstation management and “double barring”

  • Queue management

  • Espresso machine preventative maintenance

  • Calculating COGS

  • In-depth customer service and service recovery models

  • Role-playing and free time for exam practice (the day prior to practical)



Because the Barista Intermediate is a more demanding class and not everyone desires to pursue a professional career as a barista, we offer the exams at a separate charge from our class cost (whereas in the Barista Foundations 3 Day, testing is included).


Please note that day 3 of Barista Intermediate is for testing ONLY, so if you do not plan to test out, you do not need to stay in town beyond the second day. Some people may choose to return at a later date to test out, and we encourage that if you plan to be working in the industry in the meantime. Please contact for further questions and assistance with scheduling exams.

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