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SCA Intro to Coffee+Barista Foundations+ Cafe Business (3 days)

Program Coursework
  • Seed to Cup- learn about coffee’s journey from germination to consumption


  • Coffee Care- learn best practices for storage and care of roasted coffee


  • Workspace Management- learn the tools of the trade and how to minimize waste in order to maximize profits


  • Espresso and Milk Preparation- work on top of the line equipment and learn industry best practices and techniques in shot pulling and milk steaming


  • Palate Development- learn to speak coffee flavor like a coffee pro using the coffee tasters flavor wheel


  • Coffee Brewing- gain an understanding of the controls involved in batch and manual brewing such as filtration, water quality, brew time and temperature, pressure and agitation


  • Brew Methods- demo and hands on use of immersion, gravity and pressure brewing devices


  • Customer Service- learn the role of the barista within the specialty coffee community and how they effect environment, atmosphere, product and service, ensuring optimal customer experience


  • Health, Safety and Hygiene- learn how local laws apply to the safety and hygiene of equipment and cleaning in accordance with manufacturer specifications


  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Troubleshooting- gain an understanding for machine maintenance and care and know when service calls are warranted


  • Building A Menu- gain an understanding of what to serve and how to price items based on your business model


  • Build Outs And Space Design- see real life examples of what works and what doesn’t when doing a build out


  • Preventative Maintenance- learn how to extend the life of your equipment while getting the most out of your investment


  • Practical and Written Assessment- complete your Specialty Coffee Association Introduction to Coffee and Barista Foundations tests

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