Why Get an SCA Barista Certification?

Editor’s Note: We recently sat down with Savannah Phillips, our founder and lead trainer, who also serves as the Quality Control Manager at Cafe Virtuoso, to discuss why she believes it’s so important for baristas to be trained properly and the value of becoming an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Barista.

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Q: Why should baristas consider becoming SCA certified?

A: Within the coffee industry, there's about a million different ways of doing things. This brings about lots of variation for methods of preparation, and inconsistencies galore in the final product. Certification means that the barista understands the specialty coffee industry standards and protocols for coffee treatment and preparation so to prepare the best cup of coffee possible. It establishes a baseline for the final product, therefore creating control and consistency for the barista, as well as the business they represent.

Q: Why is an SCA certification more valuable than barista certifications from other organizations?

A: SCA certifications are known really for being the de-facto standard in the industry based on years of experience from thousands of coffee experts from around the world. It’s the most current and the most highly-regarded certification in the industry. The advantage of this particular certif