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This course is designed to cover broad-spectrum foundational coffee knowledge and is recommended for anyone desiring to go from coffee lover to coffee professional. This is a full-day course (9:30am to 5:00pm). This class covers:


  • The history and origins of coffee 

  • Coffee as a commodity: scope of industry 

  • Differences between commercial and special grade coffees 

  • Arabica and Robusta: growing, sensory and application of product 

  • Processing: sensory and application differences 

  • Scope of cupping and sensory evaluation processes

  • Learning tasting mechanisms, language and processes 

  • Palate development 

  • Roasting: phases, equipment and language 

  • Keeping coffee fresh: storage and treatment 

  • Brewing: methods, controls and extraction 

  • Water quality and cleaning: making great coffee 


This course is designed to supplement the SCA diploma program for Coffee Skills. Passing a written test is required for course certificate.

SCA Intro to Coffee

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