• Learn how to determine desirable parameters for a given espresso blend or single-origin coffee

  • Developing a consistent technique for dialing in as well as dosing and distribution techniques to allow for consistent results on different types of equipment

  • Developing “recipes” for espresso including measuring input and output of espresso volume

  • Coffee care and philosophy for degassing and “resting” coffee for various flavor profiles and desired results

  • Introducing a wide range of café beverage recipes

  • In-depth milk science and SCA Foam Standards

  • Latte art designs (3 basics)

  • Milk sharing techniques

  • Workstation management and “double barring”

  • Queue management

  • Espresso machine preventative maintenance

  • Calculating COGS

  • In-depth customer service and service recovery models

  • Role-playing and free time for exam practice (the day prior to practical)


Classes are from 9:00am to 4:00pm each day

SCA Barista Intermediate (2 days)