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Tickets are $40/ per person


Upcoming 2022 classes:


Coffee Cupping Basics - New Dates coming soon!

Coffee cupping it's the practice of grading and quantifying coffee quality. It is used by professionals all over the world to trade and sell coffee, because the total score out of 100 helps to determine the price of specialty coffee. Q-graders are coffee professionals who have demonstrated the ability to calibrate within a .5% to their instructors for all attributes on the cupping form, and who are calibrated with other Q-graders world-wide. In this class, you will work with a Q-grader to learn how to articulate flavor attributes from the SCA flavor wheel, and learn how to use the SCA cupping form. Each student has their own 3 flights, this is a modified session so there is no issue with germ sharing and Covid


More dates and topics soon! 

Brew Lab

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