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This course is designed for baristas with little to no experience who desire to gain fundamental espresso preparation and milk steaming skills. This is a full-day course (9:00am to 5:00pm). This class covers: 


  • Arabica and Robusta differences 

  • Freshness of coffee

  • Influence of roast degree

  • Grinder components 

  • Espresso machine components 

  • Safe us of grinder and espresso machine

  • Cleaning and organizing

  • Espresso recipes: SCA definitions and regional variations 

  • Grinder calibration and dosing 

  • Distribution and tamping techniques 

  • What is espresso 

  • Barista routine

  • Extraction: describing and modulating flavor 

  • Milk steaming techniques: temperature, air and turbulence 

  • Drink-making: components and construction 

  • Safe and hygienic work practices 

  • Regular cleaning of equipment 

  • Impact of cleaning on drink quality and machine function 

  • The customer experience 


This course is designed to supplement the SCA diploma program for Coffee Skills. Passing a practical and written test is required for course certificate. 

SCA Barista Foundations

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